I wake up, get ready for work, have breakfast, get in my car, arrive at my job, work all day, get back in my car, drive home, wash my face, and go straight to bed. My body feels exhausted, my mind feels locked up… But I tell the world, STOP! 


I want to live freely, I want to reconnect with myself, I want to enjoy the sunset, listen to the sound of the sea, admire all of earth’s wonders and how beautiful nature is. I feel it is time to pay more attention to what is truly valuable, to enjoy the little details, to be me again, to return to MyRoots. 



In 2015, based on our needs as natural beings to return to our origins, the team at MyRoots decided to create a space where good vibes and healthy food brings you closer to your roots and feeds your soul.

Feed your soul...

MyRoots Juice Bar & Kitchen is a Company owned by  Healthy Recipes LLC

4237 NW 107th Ave #26 - Doral, FL 33178